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As recently stated in the “Photonics for the 21st century” European Strategic Research Aganda, European companies and research dominate every aspect of laser assisted manufacturing processes. Securing Europe’s leading position in this key industrial area requires well coordinated, focussed efforts of many players in various fields. The key to the growth of this market is understanding the interactions between lasers and matter and educating the manufacturing sector about the potential that laser-assisted processing can offer.     

The European Laser Institute ELI shall  provide a strong platform bringing together the competence and knowledge on optical technologies. Promoting the technology transfer within Europe ELI aims to enhance the internationally leading position of European industry and research in the field of laser technology and photonics. In close collaboration with existing national and international organisations the ELI network, combining industry and research institutions, helps to influence R&D policy on a national and European level.


Thematic Focus




It is a major objective of the European Laser Institute to enhance the development of new products and services in the fields of "Materials Processing", "Photon Source Development" and "Health Care and Biotechnology".


Estimating the offered jobs in the European Union within the past years it can be expected that the number could raise up to 1.5 million jobs in 2010. Though, the international competition is growing dramatically. Presently Europe is lacking a concerted effort to develop the fundamental sciences, technologies, components and systems that together drive all applications. Only a coordinated approach can make use of the economies of scale that are necessary to sustain economic production in Europe and to reach the critical mass of investments to address the big markets of the 21st century and raise the number of jobs as predicted.


ELI aims to exploit existing resources and wants to maximise the efficiency of the existing networking actions on a regional, national and supranational level. ELI is also dedicated  to SMEs interested in using and/or improving the use of laser for materials processing to establish new production processes.



Key elements are:

  • Consolidation of the leading European role in the fields of laser advanced materials processing through definition, organisation and management of joint or common initiatives
  • Identification of common goals in order to set up a coordinated approach by regular organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops

  • Establish an SME friendly and SME involved platform of networks by expanding and linking existing technological platforms for facilitation of information transfer

  • Foster dialog between Researchers and Industry and strengthen research and development expertise in order to

    • Expand laser market for the manufacturing industry

    • Transform scientific results into products of commercial interest

    • Provide assistance to companies (especially SMEs) investing in  related new technologies

    • Establish strategic links between mainly SME based photonics industries and principal user industries to share their long term vision and to mobilise critical masses of resources

    • Assist companies (especially SMEs) taking up new technologies

    • Enhance multidisciplinary and multicultural partnerships to strengthen and maintain the European leadership position in this domain

  • Coordination of efforts and personnel exchange to ensure optimum use of laser technology in the materials processing sector

  • Development of joint roadmaps and white papers in order to harmonise processes and research and to position advanced materials processing into future manufacturing